Heather Ryerson
333 Stone Street
Oneida, NY 13421

Heather is a painter and illustrator obsessed with oils, fantasy, and the results when the two collide. While she was always interested in art from a young age, she didn't realize she had to be an artist until she lost some eyesight to macular degeneration. Even during the worst times fighting the disease, she turned to creating and viewing art for solace. She figured that if art was her refuge even when she was at her lowest point, she would only be happy as a working artist.

Once her vision was stabilized, she enrolled back in college in Illustration. Heather had to learn how to accurately observe and draw with her altered eyesight, but challenge was always a strong motivator for her. With having to work at seeing, she turned her hindrance into an asset and quickly became one of the top students in her program. Heather continues to apply this tenacity to her professional career.

In addition to illustration, Heather is an avid reader, videogame chick, and lover of terrible movies. She makes her home in Oneida with her husband, cat, and very eccentric Great Pyrenees.